Ylöjärvi’s business programme for 2021–2026 has been completed – part of Tampere’s dynamic urban area, Ylöjärvi is displaying strong growth

MDI supported Ylöjärvi in producing its new business programme. The business programme work was carried out in accordance with the updated city strategy for 2018. The new business programme emphasises the development of long-term business policy and business operating environments, closer cooperation in the Tampere metropolitan area and the city’s courage to be ‘a forerunner’ in its chosen themes.

According to the three priority areas of the business programme, Ylöjärvi intends to promote a business-friendly atmosphere, develop the business environment and strengthen know-how and innovation capacity in the coming years. Each priority area is further subdivided into objectives, measures, indicators and responsibilities.

The business programme process included an analysis of the development of the region’s businesses in the 2010s, a comparison of Ylöjärvi’s position in relation to the development of the surrounding municipalities and a workshop for the city government and the development committee. The business programme was ordered by Ylöjärven Yrityspalvelut Oy.

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