MDI experts operate where Finnish life is lived. They also witness what is currently being done in municipalities and the state.

We will find you the expert and the data.

We are happy to help media in crafting important stories. Our communications will find you the right experts and data. Contact info at the bottom of the page!

Themes we know best:
  • Finnish innovation politics
  • Regions and reasons behind their success or lack thereof
  • Questions on inclusivity, integration, wellbeing; or specific issues such as housing services for disabled; or homelessness
  • Multilocality, distant work
  • How gender and place are related
  • Role of culture in creating livability
  • Green deal and sustainable development
  • Rural and urban development
We are specialized in data services
  • Our Kuntakortti continuously scrapes several statistics on all of the Finnish communities, and displays the data as infographics about 13 different issues from municipal economy to wellbeing and demographic development.
  • Our population forecast is followed by the whole country.
  • We forecast the need for immigrants to each region.
  • We utilize various statistical data and create data-driven perspectives of Finland.


Katja Mäkkylä
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