MDI evaluates the municipality experiments of Ministry of Finance’s digital municipality trial

The Digital Municipality Trial -project and several digital community experiments were launched in the municipalities in the autumn of 2016. The aim of the experiments is to promote the development of municipal practices and production methods of services, to achieve evidence-based savings and/or to control the increase in municipal costs by utilizing digitalisation, to promote the renewal of practices based on inhabitants of a municipality, to promote experimental culture-thinking and attitude, to increase networking among municipalities and to promote customer-oriented development of operations in the municipal sector and to promote the preparation of the change of municipalitys role in the Future municipality.

MDI evaluates the Digital Municipality Trial on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. The evaluation will provide information on the implementation and results of digital municipality trial, assess and support municipalities in the self-assessment of digital community experiments, and support the dissemination of results and good practices of digital experiments to the local community. The work will be completed in December 2018.