MDI evaluates Business Finland’s production incentive for audiovisual industry

Production incentive for audiovisual industry is directed for feature films, documentary films, serial fiction and animation productions. It has been part of Business Finland’s portfolio since 2017. The incentive aims at increasing the international interest in Finland as a production location and to promote the development, growth, and internationalization of Finnish companies. Also improvements in employment are expected not only in AV sector but also in travel industry.

MDI has been appointed to conduct an evaluation on the impacts of Business Finland’s production incentive for audiovisual sector in co-operation with Ramboll Management Consulting. The evaluation examines e.g. incentive’s impacts and benefits for Finland and direct and indirect impacts for Finnish regions. The evaluation is closely linked with the impact evaluation of the Finnisf Film Foundation’s production incentive that is due in May, 2018. Production incentives of both Finnish Film Foundation and Business Finland contribute to promoting the operational preconditions of national film production as well as growth of international co-productions in Finland.