Interfaces in service chains and steering models in counties scanned in two studies

The regional governance, health and social services reform dramatically changes the service paths and processes as well as interfaces between organisation in services for the long-term unemployed, people with long-term illness, and immigrants. In the new, county-driven system, steering models be play an essential role in achieving the overall objectives of the reform.

MDI has taken part in research projects focused on the implementation of the regional governance, health and social services reform. The research projects have been carried out as a part of the implementation of the Government Plan for Analysis, Assessment and Research for 2017. SOMAYRTTI project focused on analysing the interfaces in service chains. MDI was the responsible partner in this research with NHG and Frisky & Anjoy as subcontractors. MOHJU project focused on steering models and MDI took part in the research as a subcontractor to NHG.

Both projects have produced research reports. Press release and the reports are available here (in Finnish).