Growth of low-wage jobs and Finnish social security

National initiative for basic security and activity (TOIMI, in Finnish only), produces information and insights by analysing the current status of basic security and mapping alternatives for future solutions. One of the central changes in the labour market is the simultaneous growth of both demanding tasks and low-wage jobs. Especially the growth of low-wage jobs leads to new type of social questions. The linkage between low-wage jobs and e.g. housing benefits, unemployment benefits, and income support requires new kind of examination.

MDI takes part in a study focusing on the impacts caused by the growth of low-wage jobs to Finnish social security system. During the project, international benchmarking will be made to learn from the experiences in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. The research consortium is led by Oxford Research Ltd and funded via the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. Results are expected in February 2019.