The functions of biodiversity are studied

The tasks of promoting biodiversity and environmental protection will change due to regional reform, when some of the tasks of environmental management of existing Centers for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment will be transferred to the provinces and part of the State Licensing and Supervision Authority in Luova. In addition, biodiversity is promoted by a number of stakeholders such as the Finnish Environment Institute, Metsähallitus and the Finnish Forestry Center. During the preparatory phase of the regional reform, it is essential to strengthen awareness of the promotion of biodiversity and to get the multilateral network to work together.

MDI compiles Finnish views on the question of biodiversity and the importance of services based on it. The authorities’ views of biodiversity are also surveyed through an electronic survey and regional workshops. During the survey, a nationwide stakeholder meeting will also be held in Helsinki. The outputs of the work commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment are formulated as development suggestions and tools for information guidance. The work will be completed in early 2019.