Doing an internship by working from home

Last week, we welcomed our new trainee Maria Jussila, who, given the current ‘exceptional circumstances’ must now complete her internship from home.

“It feels that I got along nicely with my colleagues, despite working remotely. The work has gone well remotely. Work requires concentration and long periods of uninterrupted time, so making it from home is the best option for this”, says Maria. The orientation has been done online while co-workers are met daily during ‘virtual coffee’ sessions.

Maria is a double-degree student with four years of social work studies and two years of administrative science studies behind her. She is interested in the structures and development of social and health care and broadly also in the future responsibilities of the municipalities. During her internship, she will mainly work on the VN TEAS project which examines the effects of the funding responsibility for basic income on the activities of the municipalities.