Monthly Archives: August 2016

Regional Profiles 2016 is now released

MDI’s Regional Profiles 2016 reveals regional winners and losers in 2008–2016. The Finnish mainland areas are placed in order according to their regional development. You can find the media release and the material (in Finnish) here.

Strategy Process for Keuke

Keuke, Development Centre Ltd. Helsinki Region North, aims to create growth for the region thorough counselling and supporting local businesses. Keuke is about to create a new strategy aiming for the year 2020. MDI has the joy and privilege to support the strategy process by organising strategy sessions for personnel and company board as well … Continue reading Strategy Process for Keuke

Elina Auri to MDI

MDI was strengthened today, in particular fields of evaluation as well as rural and island policy, when Elina Auri started working in our Helsinki Office at Kanavanranta. For starters Elina will be involved in the Government’s research projects concerning Smart Countryside and Regional Governance reform, where Elina assess, in particular the Structural Funds management issues. In … Continue reading Elina Auri to MDI