Invite people together and develop your operations

We specialise in nurturing good ideas and crystallising the feelings of a large group of people around a common understanding. We can ask the right questions when it comes to knowing what people think or when we have to come up with something new. We perform this magic in workshops and innovation camps.

When a regional development expert is required at the event, we are happy to provide lectures, seminar gigs, and to facilitate ‘discussion’.

Our ‘bravuras’ include inspirational and motivational workshops, intensive and inventive innovation camps and lectures.

Our workshops bring together common wisdom

The purpose of the workshop event is to break away from the ordinary. Various teamwork methods and tools are used to learn how to work differently. New ideas emerge from out of the crowd or a shared vision is made clear. This is how the workshop functions. We provide fresh digital tools to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly and remains engaging. The consultant’s bag contains both traditional and innovative tools. We always choose the most appropriate tools in accordance with the participant’s wishes.

We are skilled facilitators. Facilitation means that with our help you can reach a common understanding. At the workshop, we are the outside expert who takes an impartial view of the matter under discussion. This creates a good framework for discussion and decision-making. Facilitation clarifies the key questions and helps participants spend their time effectively.

An innovation camp breaks boundaries

For the most adventurous clients, we organise intensive one day or longer development camps. Camps are held in familiar surroundings if desired, but the best idea is to experience new landscapes. We make all the arrangements from content to practical details as required, and you get to experience new ways in which to think and act. The camp experience can be quite intense, producing great ideas and strengthening collaboration.

Client comments on our camps:

“Good, effective time. It’s wonderful to get out of your everyday routine and just use your head. ”
“A really good and inspiring experience. I recommend it. ”
“An inspirational atmosphere, time for once – and the freedom – just to think.”

We organise over 100 different workshops or camps every year, with participants ranging in number from just a few people to events of more than 200. We have conducted workshops, camps and lectures for, among others, Into Seinäjoki, the Rural Network Unit and several cities around Finland.

See all of our workshops, lectures and camps in Showroom.