Research-based information to support decision making

Knowledge and research are at our heart. Do you have a subject or phenomenon in your mind that requires more in-depth study? We can provide both long-term research projects and fast-paced and pragmatic studies.

We bring together a multidisciplinary team for each project and, if necessary, build extensive researcher and university networks for the research consortium. We get the project started with the agility required by the situation and are able to analyse extensive data.

Our research projects seek answers boldly; listen and analyse accurately and crystallise clearly.

Interaction and cooperation with our research stakeholders constitute our starting points. We collect material through extensive customised electronic questionnaires and interviews, sometimes bringing people together to discuss face-to-face in workshops. Our research projects emphasise a thorough review of the source material summarising the most relevant information.

We use extensive data and believe in data-driven research. In the end products we focus on clarity and visuality.

Our research always has a concrete connection to practice. In co-development we bring the fact and knowledge base to the power of co-operation. The end result is a study that is transparent in terms of assumptions and methods, informative in terms of findings, critical in observations and multi-dimensional in analysis. We are always looking for answers and are on the customer’s side.

Kick off the effectiveness of communications by communicating results

Regardless of the subject matter of the study or survey, its results are always important to the client. Often, the results are also meaningful to stakeholders or the wider public. If the client wishes, we can also help in the communication of the research results across different channels.

The information studied helps to highlight the issue of effectiveness and to communicate what is important at the time and what may have been overlooked in previous development efforts. It is a matter of honour for us to bring together knowledge and decision making in the best possible way.

In addition to our research expertise, we are also constantly developing our dialogue capabilities and facilitating processes which bring together knowledge producers and users to discuss alternatives. We are interactive and transparent.

Why invest in the look and finish of a research report?

It is often worthwhile to produce a unique publication detailing the important research findings as this will increase the impact of the research findings. Images, graphs and visualisations make research results easier to understand, thus also making them easier to communicate. You can order the entire study from us in publication-form which you can then distribute to your stakeholders, either in print or online. See an example of this type of product offer here.

If necessary, we can provide customised pictures for the report. We have our own graphic designer Anssi K, who specialises in visualisation and the layout of research reports.

We have carried out studies and surveys for various Ministries, the Prime Minister’s Office, DG Regio and the Provincial federations among others. We do research and undertake studies on all of the topics mentioned on the front page. If you need researched information on any other subject, feel free to contact us!

See all the studies and reports we’ve done in the Showroom.