Study on European Policies on Archipelago and Water Bodies

The “Island, lake and river basin policies in Europe” study aimed at gaining a picture of the European countries’ (a) islands without fixed land connection and their permanent population, and (b) consideration given to islands, lakes and river basin districts in regional policy. Furthermore, to (c) analyse and compare the results with the corresponding data concerning Finland; and (d) give recommendations for the next EU programming period. The purpose of the final report of the project was to provide relevant information on island policy to the developers of archipelago, coastal and river basin districts, as well as to policy makers. The study was commissioned and funded by the Island Committee of the Finnish Parliament and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The project Steering Group was the Island Committee, which approved project plan, interim report and the final report. The work started in November 2017 and the final report was finalised in October 2018.