Roadmap for Urbanisation II: Urban Building to stimulate Finnish economy

The role of cities as the reators of growth and in strengthening vitality faced a new challenge with the prospective renewal of the regional administration system. The work conducted by MDI and several experts in building and urban development produced a report that included a description of the views of Finnish urbanisation based on the best available knowledge and an action plan for the coming urban building needs in Finnish cities and growth corridors. Special attention was paid to the role of cities, renewing the division of labour between different actors and financing future infrastructure investments. The work was carried out in workshops during Spring 2016. The results are that the development of rail connections and station areas is vital for bigger cities. Creating new locations and taking the wasteland areas into good use can promote growth. Roadmap for Urbanisation II: Urban Building to stimulate the Finnish economy (in Finnish):ämään-Suomen-taloutta.pdf