Porkkala – Municipality of the future

MDI took part in ventilating thoughts around the ”Municipality of the future” idea, making a case for Porkkala city. The municipal level needed a governance revolution – new thinking, experiments and ways of acting. It was time to get rid of the idea that there could only be one model for a municipality. Rather, various solutions have to be adopted around Finland – different models for different regions. The municipalities of Inkoo, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio made a great platform for experimenting around the ”Municipality of the future” idea and around the framework region solutions around metropolis. The founding fathers of the idea were professor Heikki A. Reenpää, Kaj-Gustaf Bergh and Antti Herlin. The idea was published at Reenpää’s estate, Loviselund on 11th June 2015. The report and more information in Finnish and Swedish can be found at porkkala.info.