Incentives within the state subsidy system for planning and growth

MDI is carrying out a research for the Prime Minister’s Office. The project is researching whether the central government subsidy system is a suitable tool for enhancing municipal growth. In addition, the project examines whether the subsidy system can enhance population growth in two different kind of areas; 1) the metropolitan area and 2) areas which are subject to population decline.
The research also studies the possibility of increasing planning via the subsidy system. The study seeks information on national subsidy systems and makes comparisons using international references. The subsidy system is examined based on theoretical and empirical data. Empirical data is gathered using statistical methods. The main focus of this study was on whether the subsidy system was the right kind of tool to increase different types of municipalities household zoning. The study was conducted in cooperation with Kaupunkitutkimus TA Ltd. The research was finalised at the end of 2018.