Evaluation of the Organic Development Programme

The purpose of the organic development programme is to increase organic production, diversify the range of domestic organic products and improve the availability of organic food in retail and professional kitchens. MDI is pleased and honoured to evaluate the implementation of the development programme for the organic sector and the achievements made so far. The evaluation was carried out together with TK-Eval. In addition to the assessment, the future is being developed: how to develop the organic programme and sector in the future programming period. The evaluation was carried out using a developing and interactive approach, with the material collected in addition to interviews and surveys through regional workshops. The evaluation was completed in October 2018. Final report (in Finnish): https://mmm.fi/documents/1410837/1890227/Luomualan+kehitta%CC%88misohjelman+arvioinnin+loppuraportti+2018%2C+na%CC%88yto%CC%88lle.pdf/a48a8598-78bb-ee5e-fdd4-fdb22b9cce1c/Luomualan+kehitta%CC%88misohjelman+arvioinnin+loppuraportti+2018%2C+na%CC%88yto%CC%88lle.pdf.pdf