Evaluation of the Interreg Nord and Botnia Atlantica

MDI participated in a Nordic consortium appointed to carry out the evaluation of the Interreg Nord and Interreg Bothnia Atlantica programmes. The evaluation consortium is led by Kontigo from Sweden. In addition to MDI, Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse from Norway also took part in the evaluation. The programme evaluation was carried out primarily during 2018. Interreg V A Nord is an EU-programme supporting cross-border cooperation in order to strengthen economic and social development. Areas covered in the programme include north Norway, north Finland, north Sweden and Sápmi (which spreads across all three countries). The programme area covers the regions of Lapland, Oulu region and Central Ostrobothnia in Finland. Botnia-Atlantica is an EU-programme financing cross-border cooperation projects in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The programme is a part of European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg) where regions are developed through joint efforts across national borders. The programme area covers the regions of South Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia in Finland.