Evaluation and Action Research of Regional Experiments in Employment and Business Services

Prime Minister Sipilä’s government aimed to lift the Finnish economy onto the track of sustainable growth while also improving the employment situation. As a significant part of the Government Programme, regional experiments were carried out during 2017 and 2018, focusing on employment and economic development services. During the experiments, the organisation of duties was due to be transferred from the municipalities to the joint co-operation regions i.e. counties. These regional experiments aimed at designing services that are customer-oriented, improve the employment rate and reduce unemployment at the same time. A total of nine regions were selected to take part in the experiments based on applications (41 applicants), three of which are counties while six are municipality-based regions. MDI took part in the research consortium led by Demos Helsinki. MDI was responsible for evaluating the impact, operation models and applicability of the experiments as well as providing the regions with peer support and sparring. Common Dialogues was the third member in the consortium. The research process was concluded at the end of 2018.