Analysis of the marine cluster in the Northern Growth Zone

The Northern growth zone is a cooperation network of 13 cities and six regional councils in Southern Finland. One of the most dynamic industrial clusters in the zone is currently a maritime cluster which has increased its turnover substantially in recent years and has risen to become a key employer, especially in Southwest Finland. MDI was involved in a study co-ordinated by the Turku School of Economics, which aimed to outline the network conditions defining the maritime cluster of the North Growth Zone and to analyse the interaction and interdependencies between actors. On the basis of the local network analysis, recommendations for development were developed to deepen the cooperation of the zone. The review of the project focused specifically on the business, university and regional developer networks as well as the interconnections between them in research and business co-operation. The role of MDI concerned an analysis of the regional developer network. This study strengthened the knowledge base and thus enhanced the development of the maritime cluster.