Preparation of the adaptation plan of Kymenlaakso

The adaptation plan work will result in the first comprehensive survey of Kymenlaakso's needs in adapting to the effects of climate change. The first part of the work surveys climate risks as well as their vulnerability factors from the perspective of different sectors of society. The aim is to identify which climate risks and related vulnerability factors are key, specifically from Kymenlaakso's point of view. The preparation of risk and vulnerability analysis utilises views based on data analysis and expert assessments. A workshop will be held to compile expert information in addition to the holding of complementary interviews. The analysis will be prepared using a five-step indicator-based vulnerability assessment model. Risks and vulnerability factors are extrpolated for two different years (2035 and 2050) according to various emissions scenarios. The second phase of the work will outline measures based on risk and vulnerability analysis to reduce vulnerabilities in different sectors. Adaptation measures are identified and aligned together with stakeholders, so that representatives from key social sectors are involved in the drafting of measures. In addition, as part of the preparation of the adaptation plan, the opportunity will be provided to support provincial municipal decision-makers as well as a focus group sessions in order to help develop an adaptation plan monitoring model. The adaptation plan will be published in a separate disclosure seminar. MDI's partner is Tapio Services Oy, which specialises in forestry sector. analysis work.