Climate Change Adaptation Plan

MDI, in collaboration with FCG’s urban planning team, is developing Hyvinkää’s first climate change adaptation plan. The project consists of three phases. In the first phase, the team will conduct an analysis of the city’s climate risks using the IPCC’s assessment framework. Risks will be evaluated based on hazard, exposure and vulnerability factors, and will be reported in terms of probabilities, impact levels and time periods.

In the second phase, the team will model the future development of climate change impacts in Hyvinkää. This phase will use statistical data and employ both geographic information system (GIS) analysis and various tools designed for climate risk modelling.

The third phase involves creating a future scenario that includes an overview of legislative changes and urban-level changes. The latter will feature an analysis of demographic changes in Hyvinkää. Finally, recommendations for adaptation measures to address climate change will be formulated.

The project is led by Jan Tvrdy from FCG, with team members Mirjam Hyvönen and Tiia Merta.