Seinäjoki ROASTED strategy sparring


Client: City of Seinäjoki
Schedule: September 2015 – April 2016
MDI team: Janne Antikainen, Tytti Isokangas, Eero Holstila, Anssi Kumpula and Marjo Alaviitala

Case description
MDI carried out a strategy sparring process for the City of Seinäjoki. The aim was to open up new strategic thinking for the upcoming council season.

Seinäjoki ROASTED challenged the management, decision makers, residents, businesses and associations to build the future of Seinäjoki together. The city was not afraid of criticism but it was sought. The project consisted of blog writings of experts, discussions and workshops as well as the feedback from residents. The results will be used in city strategy in Seinäjoki. 

Six blogs written by experts worked as cornerstones in the process. The writers were MDI’s experts of regional development and they gave their insight for the city development in their blog postings in different themes. Furthermore three workshops were arranged.


Seinäjoki ROASTED process description.

The results of innovative strategy sparring distilled into a pamphlet which underlines the most critical viewpoints which were identified during the process.

Client recommendations
”Seinäjoki has managed well during past years and we have hyped our growth. Now we wanted out of the comfort zone and we wanted to be ”roasted”. We succeeded in the most important thing: we got rid of strategy slang and started to call a spade a spade. We got criticism we ordered but we could have taken it even more. People were sometimes a bit too nice towards us. MDI lived to the full during the roasting process and brought their specialist network in the game. Everything happened on schedule. It was refreshing to begin with the critical point of view. Maybe roasting helped us to get to the important topics faster. Things can be done differently which can be recommended for everyone.”

Erkki Välimäki, Development Director, City of Seinäjoki



Download the pamphlet (in Finnish) here.


Jenni Airaksinen: Mistä kunta voi luopua, minkä jättää taakse?
Timo Hämäläinen: Aktivismi vaihtoehtojen tuojana – onko Seinäjoki valmis?
Timo Aro: Riittääkö Seinäjoelle virtaa jatkossa?
Osmo Soininvaara: Seinäjoen ihme
Tero Vuorinen: Loppuu se pipertäminen – miten kaupunki voi olla oikeasti yritysystävällinen?
Tytti Isokangas: Koppavan komiasta kivaksi ja hauskaksi kaupungiksi


Photos: Anssi Kumpula / MDI
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