International evaluations and studies

Client: Several clients e.g. DG Regio
Schedule: 2014–
MDI Team: Janne Antikainen, Tommi Ranta, Valtteri Laasonen, Sinikukka Pyykkönen, Satu Tolonen

Case description
MDI carries out annually a few evaluation and study projects that are international in nature. MDI is a part of a European consortium chosen to be one of DG Regio’s framework agreement providers in impact evaluations and research. The work focuses on the future of cohesion policy, ESI Funds, and EU-policies’ impact on economic, social and regional development as well as administrative burden and administrative capacities.

The most recent international assignments include e.g.:

  • Analysis of the administration of ESI Funds. The aim is to observe national implementation of legislation that exceeds the demands of EU legislation. In Finland the study consists of analysing the structural fund programme and rural development programme. Carried out in 2016. Client: DG Regio.
  • Foresight study on the Vision 2030 for the Baltic Sea Region analysing the challenges and opportunities for the region in a global perspective. Major themes to be covered include economy, technology, society, environment and geopolitics. Carried out in 2016. Client: Tillväxtverket, Sweden.
  • Examination of different types of funding opportunities for the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region. Carried out in 2015. Client: Interact Point Turku.
  • Evaluation of EU cohesion policy 2007–2013, WP0. Work focused on collecting and verifying the relevant national data as the first step in the impact evaluation of cohesion policy. Carried out in 2014. Client: DG Regio.

Various methods such as interviews with national authorities, surveys for public authorities or beneficiaries, workshops.