Workshops, lectures, camps

Facilitating workshops and camps is our passion. We give expert lectures and chair seminars. We stand out with inspiring and stimulating workshops, intensive and creative development camps and expert lectures on regional development and networked society.

MDI stands out with inspiring and stimulating workshops, development camps and lectures. We use various methods and tools and prepare the workshops with surveys and interviews, if needed. The results are analysed concisely. Typically one workshop takes one day for planning and preparing, one for implementing and one for unloading i.e. one person and three days. Typically workshops are made in series.


For the most courageous clients MDI organises intensive one or more days’ development camps. The location can be familiar, but the best ideas are born elsewhere from the everyday surroundings. We’ll arrange everything according to needs, from the outlines to the smallest detail and you’ll get a new way of thinking and acting.

Experts of MDI are happy to give a lectures or speeches in seminars. Basic daily rate is 1000 euros.

MDI organises annually more than 100 different workshops of camps gathering growds from a few people to over 200 guests.

To whom?

Ministries, municipalities, regional development companies, regional councils and other organisations