Strategies and programmes

We design implementable strategies, programmes and roadmaps. We guide our customers through the strategy work, design development programmes, and draw enthusiastic roadmaps for the future.

MDI spars and designs development strategies and programmes. The process is involving, inspiring and future-oriented. MDI dares to push actors to choose and prioritise. With our touch, the programme text is fascinating and catchy.

We focus especially on the growth strategies and vitality programmes of regions and municipalities. In addition, we are experts in strategic development and public sector leadership.

MDI specialises in networks and development of networked operation models.


Most typical methods to discover or study networks are workshops and innovative focus group discussions. Furthermore, strategies and programmes are often paved with a brief desktop study, surveys and interviews and completed with network and capability analyses.

We pay attention to communication and layout to create interesting outputs.

A typical preparation process for a strategy or programme lasts from three to six months and from 20 to 60 working days.

To whom?

Ministries, municipalities, regional councils, regional development companies and other organisations