Sparring evaluations

We carry out sparring ex ante, interim and ex post evaluations of development programmes and organisations with an urge for development.

From the beginning of our company, we have focused on evaluations, being it EU programmes, regional development programmes or projects and organisations and their functions.

Our strength is the approach: developing evaluation aims at seeking evidence-based arguments and new ideas to develop future actions. Our goal is to draw conclusions that result concrete and implementable policy recommendations enabling the client and stakeholders to improve their performance.


Our evaluation methods are tailored according to the purpose. They vary from a thorough document analysis to statistical analyses on existing data all the way to analysing GIS-based data.

In our evaluation projects, we gather needed amount of new data to reach a holistic picture of the target of the evaluation. The most typical methods to gather data are combining statistical data, online and map-based surveys and thematic personal or group interviews. To further develop the recommendations, MDI organises different kinds of evaluation or sparring workshops that deepen the understanding of the evaluation target.

Typical evaluation project lasts from a few months to a year and from 20 to 150 working days.

To whom?

Our evaluation customers include Finnish ministries, regional councils, regional development companies and cities.

We have carried out regional programme and national development policy evaluations for e.g. several regional councils, Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.