Research, studies and experiments

We carry out both long-term studies and various rapid, practical studies and inspiring experiments for new approaches.

MDI conducts both long-term research and rapid, practical studies. Rapid development and experimenting are the words of today. If needed, we help you to draw a roadmap for the future. Our longest research projects take years. MDI specialises in network analyses that define and deepen the big picture of actors and division of labour.


In our research work the emphasis is on the importance of a thorough walkthrough of the source material in order to compress the essential data. Interviews are more open and thorough, whilst tailored surveys are addressed to a wider audience.

In our experiments we like to organise pop-ups and short testing sessions.

To whom?

Ministries, municipalities, regional development companies, organisations and universities

MDI has carried out studies regarding e.g. urban policies, innovation environments and services, new openings within the Arctic Region, big picture of the technology industries, industrial service business, municipal structures and New Municipality thinking.